We started in 2000 as a small woodworking shop in HigashiOsaka city,
and in 2019 moved to the nature-rich Toyono-cho,Osaka.
The shop is close to other facilities including woodworking, ironworks, and brass factory.

We create furniture that embalance ​​the charm of materials that change beautifully over time.
By avoiding the use of excessive finishes, we can maintain a natural funish using oil or wax.
Our funitures are destined to be loved by generations, providing regural maintanance from time to time.

<The main products> 
-Furniture (tabletops, tables, desks, sofas, chairs, mirrors, shelves, storage furniture)
-Hardware (hanging bars, door handles, furniture handles, furniture legs, curtain rails)
-Lighting (outdoor lights, bracket lights, pendant lights, desk lights)
-Signage (stand signs, wall signs, room signs, sign plates, solid wood signs)
-House number plates
-Original wooden products
-Antique goods / fixtures

<store information>
Open / 11:00~17:00
Close / Mon and Tue (open on holidays, with year-end and New Year holidays, and summer vacation).
Please refer to our Website for details
Address / 164-1 Kishiro, Toyono-cho, Toyono-gun, Osaka 563-0215, Japan