Book and Green cafe Kanjitsu


The first thing you see while climbing the stairs are shelves lined with books from various genres. We have a variety of seats available such as original products of sofa, chair and terrace with fully green view. Please take a seat wherever you feel comfortable.

We’re passionate about creating everything by hand and using fermented seasonings from dessert and foods to drink of syrup soda made with seasonal fruits.

Tea from “musica tea”, a tea specialty store with a history of about 70 years,
Original blended coffee is also available.

The bookshelf with the theme of “LIFE” is you can’t miss it.
It will broaden a new world and find a new you just by picking up a book.

We create a comfortable space not only to spend time alone and read a book with a cup of coffee in hand but also enjoy chatting with friends and family while eating sweets.
Please have a relaxing time.