About JOZU+

JOZU+ is a complex facility that sells fermented foods and original furniture.
Located 5-minute walk from the JOZU WORKS.

There are restaurants and cafes with fermentation theme, including a take-out shop.
“Mitskerun” is a store that sells one-of-a-kind small furniture and solid wood tabletops.
Original accessories and miscellaneous goods created by JOZU WORKS at the Select Market.

Enjoy a relaxing time in our shop surrounded by the warmth of wood.

Restaurant・Cafe(Main shop) 【Fermented food restaurant-FUU-】    Combines essential fermented foods in traditional Japanese cuisine with local ingredients.
【Book and Green Cafe-KANJITSU-】 Sipping coffee while reading a book and gazing at the greenery..

Take Out(Container Area)  ※Closed for winter 【frozen ice cream-two tone yogurt-】   Sweet and tangy, refreshing yogurt ice cream.
【Inarizushi-HOKO-】  Made with homemade soy sauce koji-cooked abura-age (fried tofu) and wrapped with seasonal ingredients.

Showroom / Shop (Main shop) 【solid wood tabletop and small furniture-mitsukerun-】   Furniture with unique features such as interesting cracks and knots, not found in regular furniture stores.
【Select market】  Staff-selected original accessories from JOZU WORKS and pop-up shops are also held.

[store information]
Open /
 ・Fermented food restaurant  FUU 11:00-15:00(L.O.14:00)
 ・Book and Green Cafe KANJITSU 11:00-17:00
 ・Inarizushi HOKO 11:00-17:00(Open on Sat, Sun, and holidays from April to November.)
 ・frozen ice cream two tone yogurt 11:00-17:00(Open from April to November)
 ・Furniture and retail 11:00-17:00
Close / Mon and Tue (open on holidays, with year-end and New Year holidays, and summer vacation).
Address / 10-1 Yono, Toyono-cho, Toyono-gun, Osaka 563-0219, Japan
Phone / 072-743-9131
Parking / 25th cars